Frequent Asked Questions

  • What does IT Innovative Solutions do?
    We are a one stop shop for all your computer and IT needs. We offer managed services to businesses that do not have an on-site technical resource to monitor, maintain and repair common issues remotely so that your company runs smoothly. We support both windows and macOS devices. We sell most brand name computers and laptops, along with custom building a computer to a specific need or game.

    We do repairs to both business and home users, this includes upgrades like RAM, SSD drives, video cards, power supplies etc.

    We offer networking services for both home and business users as well. This includes, routers, switch’s, access points, cabling etc.

    We have a web-designer as well that can help you give your existing website some extra flare, build a new webpage from scratch or make minor tweaks as needed.
  • What are some things to consider when buying a new computer?
    Of course price is always a big consideration however there are other things to consider such as surge bar or battery back up UPS, cables that you will need to connect things such as monitors, printers, multifunction devices, external hard drives etc.

    A proper surge bar or UPS battery backup will protect your valuable network equipment. A surge bar will protect you from just the surge when the power comes back on while a UPS will protect against surge and brown out conditions where the power coming in is low. These type of items should be replace every 3-5 years

    Cables are important too especially if you are reusing an older monitor or device. You need to make sure your new computer has all the same connections or purchase the proper cables and adapters to connect your peripherals.

  • Do I really need a subscription antivirus solution?
    The answer is yes. While windows 10 and 11 have a basic antivirus it does not fully protect your device. macOS has no antivirus and yes, we know some users and so called experts say it is not necessary but the fact is you do need to be protected. We provide SentinelOne Complete and ESET Endpoint Security for our business users and ESET Premium Security for our home users. These software suites work on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and ChromeOS devices so no matter the device we have you covered!
  • What kind of computer or laptop do I need?
    This is all depending on what you are wanting to do with your system. A home user that just surfs internet, goes into word and emails occasionally wouldn’t need the same computer that an office user who has multiple windows of email, word, excel and a web browser with multiple tabs open. A gamer would need something above and beyond both users mentioned previously. The more we know what you are doing now and possibly in the future will help us pick out the proper system for you.  Also knowing what software suites, you use such as Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD etc.  will aide us in providing the correct solution for your needs.
  • What are managed services?
    Managed Services are a suite of softwares that allow us to monitor your computers, control windows/macOS patching(updates), backup your devices, protect your devices from virus/malware, perform known fixes for common issues and allow us to connect remotely should you need further assistance. We become your IT department to help keep your business running efficiently with little to no down time.
  • What are VoIP services and how can they help my business?
    VoIP services take your landline and convert it into the cloud to be able to use the phones over an internet connection. Phones come in various models such as basic desk phones, executive desk phones, conference phones, cordless phones or use no phone at all with an application that can turn your computer into a software phone or soft phone for short.

    The service we provide gives you the ability to log into your extension through an app on your cell phone, so you don’t have to give out your personal number. It is also helpful in the event of a disaster or power outage, allowing your staff to work from home or a different location.

    We even offer SMS messaging so you can have your phone line(s) text back and forth with your clients’ cellular devices. This gives you another form of communication and is done through the web portal or texting app.

    Our VoIP solutions are compatible with most existing VoIP phones so you may not even need to purchase any new hardware. This allows us to provide you with local support, so you do not need to deal with the big telco companies saving you time and money.

  • Did your IT guy just quit, leaving you high and dry?
    Let us become your IT department. With our managed services we can eliminate the need for a costly dedicated IT resource.
  • Does your Internet, WIFI and Network seem to slow down to a crawl at certain times of the day?
    We can effectively diagnose bottlenecks or other issues that could be costing you time and money!
  • Are your computers being compromised by malware or viruses?
    We have malware and virus protection solutions to suite your needs. Our managed services even allow us to monitor and protect your systems.
  • Have you lost critical files you can no longer recover?
    We have backup solutions that backup your vital files or backup your entire system.
  • Do you know how to secure your most valuable files and passwords?
    We have security solutions for your passwords and files.
  • Your current IT confuses you with unnecessary technical terms?
    We try to keep the technobabble to a minimum and help you understand your computer and network better.
  • Your current IT is not responsive when you need them the most?
    We have experienced technicians ready to help you!
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